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YIC & JIC 2019 finals organized during SAINTEX 2.0

Date: 27th to 28th July 2019
Venue:  R801-803, UCTS

In conjunction with SainTex 2.0 and STEM Playground 2019, UCTS and Chumbaka had organized 2nd Young Innovators Challenge (YIC) and Junior Innovators (JI) state-level competitions for secondary school students and primary school students. It was a terrific, amazing and inspiring 2-day event.

YIC and JI are both annual programs aimed at catalysing maker movement among school children. The students were mentored to solve real-life problems using open-source embedded system and software. The theme for YIC was to solve one of the real-life problems faced by nurse, fisherman, lorry driver, bus driver or security guard. This learning journey would not only inculcate their technical skills but also nurture their life skills. The theme of JI was game design with microcontroller. The students programmed their Arduino to control characters in the digital games that they coded for.

The three YIC gold awards were won by ACCIO from SMK St. Elizabeth, LANANG3 from SMK Lanang and STORE from SMK Bandar Sarikei. Three silver award winners were from SMK Methodist, Catholic High School and SMK Deshon. Six bronze award recipients were from SMK St. Elizabeth, Catholic High School, SMK St. Anthony, SMK Sacred Heart, SMK Bandar Sarikei and SMK Sibu Jaya. As for JI competition for primary schools, the gold awards were presented to TECHNO YOUNGSTERZ from SJK Thai Kwang, CHUNG CHENG 1 from SJK (C) Chung Cheng and Monster Madness from SJK (C) Sacred Heart. Five silver award winners were from SJK (C) Tung Hua, SJK Hang Kwong (x2), SJK Su Lai, SK Abang Ali. Five bronze award recipients were from SJK SJK Thai Kwang (x2), SJK (C) Sacred Heart, SK St. Mary and SK Abang Ali.

YIC gold award winners are expected to bring their project ideas to the national-level competition in Kuala Lumpur to compete with other schools from other states in Malaysia and ultimately with the potential to be funded as a marketable product. JI gold award winners are expected to participate in a competition in Kuching.

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