UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

UCTS MakerFest 2015 – Light Up Your Brain

Date:  October 30 – 1 November 2015

The weekend program was designed to expose students to the fundamentals of Design Thinking and Digital Fabrication.  On Friday evening, 7 teams of 4-5 students each began by learning how to design in 3D CAD, develop simple controllers using Arduino, develop software programs, and by Saturday they were designing their own products and digitally fabricating them. By Sunday afternoon the students were demonstrating working prototypes for product ideas they developed through Design Thinking.  Each team pitched their ideas on stage.  For many of them this was their first experience presenting in public.

The enthusiasm and interaction of the UCTS students during MakerFest was palpable and it was admirable seeing them step out of their comfort zones to work in teams and stand up to present their ideas to each other.

Dr Bakri Madon, Dean of School of Computing and Creative Media at UCTS, who was proudly watching over the students during MakerFest said, “The event was an eye-opening experience for the students and organizers,” he said.  “Having witnessed the value and benefits of this program on enhancing the students’ creativity, enterprising and communication skills, we will definitely want to organize this type of event again in the future, not just for the students in UCTS, but also for the public, in particular the secondary school students”.

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