UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

​Talk event entitled “Applying innovation in solving real life problems”

Date:  24 August 2015

Innovation has been a topic of discussion for many years.  It has been growing significantly and finding its way into various organizations and corporates as a means of survivability in this highly competitive time.  In corporate world, innovation is no longer limited to a concept of developing a novel idea into solution; it is now a common belief in which innovation shall be a process of creating solutions that customers enjoy and generating profitable growth for businesses.

On 24th August, a talk event entitled “Applying innovation in solving real life problems” was organized at UCTS by School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM).  The presenter shared with the audiences his unique experiences in creating solutions in solving real life problems through innovation.  The first experience is on working with Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur to create Intelligent Transportation Systems for the capital as a part of government’s effort in transforming Kuala Lumpur into a smart city.  The second experience is on using IoT technology for dairy industry.  A case study had been provided by the presenter to outline the technical and business challenges of IoT technology.  The presenter had shown how can a novel and yet profitable solution is developed using low cost IoT hardware.

The presenter, Dr. Kwong Kae Hsiang is currently managing a vibrant engineering company.  This company provides high tech solutions for network and system projects in the highway, railway, and security industries.  The R&D team led by Dr. Kwong is working on Intelligent Transport System for regional and international clients.  Previously Dr. Kwong worked in MIMOS Berhad as a Senior Staff Researcher. During the two years period at MIMOS Berhad, Dr. Kwong had successfully led two radio network projects.

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