UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

SCM organized its first Mobile App Competition

Date: 3rd of April 2019


The mobile app market is growing faster than a beanstalk. The industry is huge and growing daily, and there is no end in sight. Expectedly, the mobile developer population has boomed, and the number of mobile apps in the market has hit new heights.

The School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM), took an initiative and organized its first ‘MOBILE APP COMPETITION’ on 3rd of April 2019 to develop and bring out the talents of our undergraduate students with the objective ‘SMART CAMPUS’. The competition aims to inculcate a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial culture among the students early in their formative years. Student teams, comprising of cohorts from the first until the final year, came out with their innovative ideas and developed several interesting smart technology solutions for next generation smart campuses.

The event was a great success. It provided a platform for our students to explore and use the most advanced tools to connect with campus through digital & social boards, organization directories, tutorials, online exams, class schedules etc., Phones, tablets, and wearable’s have never been hotter, and keeping up with business demands for mobile app development requires programmers with experience in languages like HTML5, Swift, and Java. The students got experienced while writing codes and executing apps developed with languages like HTML5 which is the ideal programming language if one is looking to build a Web-fronted app for mobile devices, Objective-C which is primary programming language for iOS apps, Swift which is the latest programming language to foray into the Apple ecosystem, C++ which is the most appropriate and robust programming language when it comes to building mobile apps for Android and Windows and Java which is one of the most preferred languages when it comes to Android app development.

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