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Report For STEMPlayground Activities At Drone Research And Application Center 2019

Date: 27th - 28th July 2019

The two-day STEM Playground was organised by University College of Technology Sarawak in partnership with Tegas, and supported by Sarawak Multimedia Authority and Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research. The event took place at UCTS from 27th to 28th July in conjunction with Sarawak Innovation and Technology Exhibition (Saintex 2.0). The main objective of STEM Playground was to inculcate the culture of creativity and innovation among the youths and promote STEM learning.

School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM) at UCTS has organised various activities to showcase drone technology and virtual reality (VR) to the public. The activities were hosted at Drone Research and Application Center (DRAC) with the support provided by Drone Club members. Drone technology was introduced to the visitors of STEM playground via display of drones ranging from consumer to professional types. Desktop simulators for practising piloting skill were also opened to the visitors to play. Furthermore, two obstacle tracks were setup to provide a hands-on experience for the visitors in piloting mini drones. Prizes were awarded to those who have completed the challenge in time. In addition, the visitors were given the opportunities to experience the innovative VR technology by playing different types of VR simulations and games. Long queue was seen throughout the two-day STEM Playground event where the visitors were waiting patiently to enjoy the VR experience.

The activities at DRAC were patronised by a large crowd of visitors during the two-day STEM Playground event. Enquiries were posted by the visitors to find out more about drone and VR related technology and their applications. The drone club members who manned the activities were trying their best to satisfy the curiosity of the visitors, with the aim of promoting STEM learning to the public. With the success of the activities, SCM is looking forward to hosting the next STEM Playground at DRAC.

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