UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

Junior Innovate (Train-The-Teachers) 2019

Date: 13th & 14th April 2019

The Junior Innovate Train-The-Teachers (TTT) Workshop was held over the weekend at UCTS. With the momentum behind the Digital Maker Movement, about 33 teachers from eighteen Sibu and Daro primary schools participated in the said event. With a slight twist from the previous year, the theme of the TTT this year is Game Design. Teachers have to programme their Arduino and transform them into a micro-controller to control characters in the digital games that they coded for. This event was coordinated by Ms. Eileen Ong. The training was conducted by Chumbaka trainer, Dr Xavier Chee and facilitated by one UCTS undergraduate, Mr. Elton Wong and UCTS lab technician, Mr. Asraf.

On the last day of the TTT, all teachers were required to come up with a digital game paired up with their Arduino-powered micro-controller. Teachers from SK Abang Ali were voted to have created the best project by making an Arduino steering wheel to control their car racing game.

Technology aside, the main purpose of the event was to introduce the idea of 21st Century Learning to the teachers. Primary school kids are more malleable in their thoughts and primary schools are a place with good opportunities for teachers to shape and mold these students’ mind. The course organizers hoped that through the TTT event, teachers would incorporate some of the learning strategies in their daily school lessons with these students and guide them for JI competition.

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