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Date: 8th-10th November 2017

5 students from School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM) have sent to Kuala Lumpur to participate a Hackathon event, named FaceHack2017, organised by University of Malaya (UM), Malaysia.  The event take place at Menara AIA, Ampang.  Participants are required to complete a prototype of their idea based on a given Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) toolbox within 48 hours on the spot.  The event is sponsored by 6 industrial leading companies, which are EntryPass, ViTrox, Glueck, Silterra, Nettium, and Strateq.  The students are required to present their ideas to the representative from the 6 sponsored companies.  Winner will be give a cash prize worth RM 5,000.  5 students from SCM manage to present their ideas on a face recognition for security scanning, that is feasible to be applied to the real world applications, such as, smart house applications, keyless technology in automobile industry, mobile device appliance, and other Engineering applications.

The winner for the FaceHack2017 belong to a team from TAR College, with an idea of using facial scanning for health care application.

Some feedbacks from the participants are "we gain a rare experience where we learn the importance of teamwork and ideation." "we learn a new way of collecting real world data for research purpose." "we get to know more open source resources for our future development tools."

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