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Event from NEM Blockchain hackathon 2018

Date:  16th – 17th September , 2018

Venue:   Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (16-17 September 2018)- A new game changing technology, known as the Blockchain technology, brought by a Malaysia company called NEM. The Blockchain technology is a growing list of records for business ledger that are linked using cryptography for secure communication to achieve the genuine of data. The most common type of data will be the everyday transaction of data. The data stored is called “block”, where it is guarded with unique hash tag that does not allow editing of the previous data information. The blocks are distributed through the online server and broadcasted to all users. The genuine of data can be achieved by referring to the blocks for verifications. NEM is hosting an hackathon event for to implement Blockchain technology into the given real case study, and the participants are required to form a solution within 12 hours and they will be judged by 6 leading companies in Malaysia, namely UEM Sunrise, Morpheus Labs, IRIS Berhad, Parlo Tours, BESC, and AIA. The judgement of for the event is divided into 2 sessions. In the first session, the judges will be visiting booth from each team. A list of top 10 team will be selected for the next judgement session. Prizes are to be given to the top 5 selected teams from the second session.

UCTS, specially the School of Computing and Creative Media (SCM), has involved to this Blockchain technology. In the afford to get involved, two teams of students formed by 9 first year and second year SCM students were sent to a hackathon event for Blockchain. There are four well-known companies from Malaysia are interested to this new technology. The students were to form a solution from a few real case studies provided by the companies.

UCTS teams came out with the idea of tokenizing house loan and for energy saving. The idea of tokenizing house loan is inspired by the online marketing solutions where investors can invest an amount in a form of token for a house, as a “shareholder” to the respective house to gain profit when the house is sold or rented. The idea of energy saving is motivated by the high energy consumption in the local market. The idea of blockchain is used to promote energy saving plans to the users. The ideas gained great interest by the company representatives, and UCTS teams manage to get into the top 10 list of innovations to Blockchain.

The student enjoyed the event and these are their feedbacks:

“The NEM Blockchain hackathon was an experience I never expected, it is such an eye-opening event. During the duration of the event, I got to meet and interact with some new acquaintances and also learned a thing or two from them. The hackathon was really an experience that I’m glad I could attend, the experience and knowledge learned from the event will be forever with me. Hopefully I could join this type of events again in the near future, alongside with my friends.”

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