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Welcome to School of Computing and Creative Media

"Building a lifelong passion for innovation"

​Join us in learning, exploring and advancing new exciting frontiers

of the digital and creative design world.

Imagine Your Future in Computing

From entertainment and communication to conquering disease or eliminating hunger - computer technologies provide solutions to make life better.

A high-tech world calls for inspired and talented people. Jobs in technology are growing and offer big salaries. Technological advancement are creating new jobs every day!

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Why Study at UCTS?

With its futuristic-looking high-tech campus, UCTS offers a unique education experience and a campus life that is consistent with its goals to prepare students to become tomorrow's creators, innovators and entrepreneurs of technology.

True to its mantra of "Building a lifelong passion for innovation", especially in a field that is rapidly and continuously changing, the education philosophy of the School of Computing and Creative Media focuses on equipping students with the fundamental knowledge and skills to "learning how to learn", rather than just the ability to gain and regurgitate knowledge.

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Programmes Offered

School of Computing and Creative Media currently offers several programmes at undergraduate level. Our undergraduate programmes consist of Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.), and Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design (Hons.).


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