UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

Borak Santai Session with SCM Lecturers

Date: 18th-19th August 2020

Venue: LTC, UCTS

School of Computing and Creative Media have been joining Borak Santai session organized by UCTS and was live in UCTS Official YouTube Channel. The topics for the Borak Santai sessions were  Public Awareness During Pandemic Outbreak with Mr. Mohammad Suffian Abdul Kadir and Mr. Vanden Ak. Michael as the panels representing our Creative Digital Media programme, Industrial Design- Beyond Aesthetics and Ergonomics with  AP. Dr. Muhammad Firdaus Abong Abdullah and Mr. Ahmad Lutfee Mohd Lasa representing Industrial Design programme, and also Ts. Gary Loh Chee Wyai representing Computer Science programme with the topic Cyber Security Awareness.  The moderator of these three sessions is Ms. Barbara Dieo.

These sessions can be watched through the link provided as follows:


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