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BID student won GOLD AWARD

Date: 6th to 12th June 2021


InIIC Series 1/2021

Six 2nd year student from Bachelor of Industrial Design (BID) have entered an International Invention & Innovative Competition series 1/2021 (Iniic) International level on 6th June 2021 to 12th June 2021. The theme of competition is “Research & Design in challenging Environment”, within the period of participation student need to be proactive since MCO 3.0 has been announced. The objective of the competition is they are seeking an innovative, cost-effective, and practical solutions to accessibility-related barriers in the community. And using their creativity, working individually or in teams with industry, government, and community partners, to identify an accessibility-related issue, and create an innovative and unique solution to it.

The team has competed in Category B1: Higher Institution Students (Social Sciences) and the team have won GOLD AWARD for their innovation called E.C.E.D 2.0: Easy Carry Easy Display for Outdoor Learning in Preschool. E.C.E.D 2.0 is a product which design for preschool teacher, and it also benefit to the student’s education. The improvement from previous E.C.E.D design which the benefit was mainly focused for teacher. Further exploration and development of this product are needed to expand the benefit to the student as well as to the teacher while having outdoor learning. It will teach or delivered more than a knowledge for the students compare with reading a book.

The list of students involved in this competition are as follows:

  1. Amelia Chong Wan Ni (BID)
  2. Angella Ling Jin Yii (BID)
  3. Kelvin Hii Sieng Wan (BID)
  4. Paul Ubris Aro (BID)
  5. Phang Ee Wei (BID)
  6. Sean Wong Jiun Jieh (BID)

Please click here to watch their video.

Iniic Series 1

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