UTS School of Computing and Creative Media

10th FIRA Malaysia Cup 2017

Date:  14th – 19th May 2017

Federation of International Robot-soccer Association(FIRA) was formed since 1995 in South Korea. The objectives of FIRA are:-

  • To take the spirit of science and technology to the young generation and laymen;
  • To promote the development of autonomous multi-agent robotic system that can cooperate with each other and to contribute to the state-of-the-art technology improvement in this specialised field;
  • To bring together skilled researchers and students from different background such as robotics, sensor fusion, intelligent control, communication, image processing, mechatronics, computer technology, artificial life, etc. into a new and growing interdisciplinary field of intelligent autonomous soccer-robots play the game of soccer;
  • To organise the FIRA Robot World Cup and Congress every year;
  • To work together to establish the FIRA Robot World CUP as a Science and Technology World Cup.

School of Computing sent a team to the 10th FIRA Malaysia Cup 2017 held in Politeknik Sultan Idris Shah, Selangor. As required by 10th FIRA Malaysia Cup 2017, School of Computing and Creative Media are pairing with SMK Chung Hua and below are the name of our participants:-

  • Ting Kee Chuong (UCTS)
  • Tan Sia How (UCTS)
  • William Tong Wan Long (SMK Chung Hua, Sibu)
  • Ting Kee Yong (SMK Chung Hua, Sibu)

The competition aims to promote interest of robotics in young minds. This also in line with the 11th Malaysia Plan which focuses on the development of digital workforce as most of the future jobs will require digital competencies. The competition is a good exposure and training ground for UCTS student to enhance their robotic skills.

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