​UCS3112 – Communication in the Workplace

Course Description

To provide the students with the basic knowledge and skills in various forms of communication for the use in their future career and provides a platform for them to practice the skills learnt. ​This course comprises of basic knowledge and skills in workplace communication, providing a fundamental exposure and guide to the various forms of communication in the workplace covering both verbal communications and written communication. These include practice in conveying ideas and opinions, writing proposals and business letters, preparing reports, oral communication and presentation.

​​Content Outline of the Course/Module:

  • ​The Nature of Communication
  • ​The Communication Environment
  • ​Proposals
  • ​Short Reports and Long Reports
  • ​Workplace Correspondence: Memos, E-mail and Business Letters
  • Job Application Process
  • ​Technology-enabled Communication in Workplace
  • Communicating Visually Through Graphics

Course Outcome

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Apply principles of technical and professional communication to minimize misunderstanding in a diverse workplace and important communication tools used in workplace.
  • Develop written workplace information, such as formal correspondence, application letters, resumes, reports and proposal, in a professional manner.
  • Produce scientific and technical forms of writing encountered in academic disciplines and professional practices using a variety of social media options.

Subject Area


Course Director

Dayang Hartijah binti Abang Ahmad

​​​Teaching-learning Methods ​​​​Assessment Methods
Lecture Assignment Report, Progress Test, Presentation, Examination
Discussion Assignment Report, Presentation
Collaborative Learning Animation Report, Presentation, Examination
Demonstration Presentation