CSS3413 – Introduction to Software Engineering

Course Description

To provide the students the fundamental knowledge about software engineering and the roles of software engineer. ​This course provides the fundamental knowledge of data communication and networking especially LAN and WAN, and their applications in the real world.

​Content Outline of the Course/Module:

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Socio Technical System
  • ​Software Processes
  • ​Project Management
  • ​Software Requirements
  • Requirements Engineering Processes
  • ​System Models
  • Architectural Design
  • Distributes Systems Architectures
  • Rapid Software Development
  • Software Evolution
  • Verification and Validation
  • ​Software Testing

Course Outcome

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Choose the proper development method in software development.
  • Construct appropriate software development models.
  • Analyse a problem and select appropriate technique and provide rational justification.

Subject Area


Course Director

Dr. Chew Kim Mey

Teaching-learning Methods ​​Assessment Methods
Lecture Assignment, Progress Test, Final Examination
Tutorial Assignment
Computer-based Learning Assignment