Imagine your future in computing old

  • Computer Engineering

Do you want to help build the next generation of mobile phones, tiny media players, and even high-tech clothing? Or create new and more advanced medical tools?

Computer Engineering is a field where students are exposed to learn on how to design digital hardware and software including communications systems, computers, and devices such as phones, MP3 players, DVRs, alarm systems, x-ray machines, and even laser surgical tools.

  • Computer Science

Do you love to solve puzzles? Invent new ways of using computers? Or exchange theories about new ideas?

Computer Science exposes on designing and building software or solve real-world problems using robotics, computer-enhanced vision, digital forensics, and other innovations.

  • Software Engineering

Do you see the big picture? Can you imagine whole new virtual worlds and experiences?

Students can develop computer games or software systems for safety-critical applications with Software Engineering. Software applications are made up of many smaller programs carefully stacked together.

  • Information Systems

Do you enjoy finding better ways to get things done using computers? Are you interested in understanding how computers can make businesses work better?

Information Systems is a field where students can design the next eBay auction site or iTunes music store! Business and computing overlap in major ways and you might be the next successful entrepreneur.

  • Information Technology

Do you help other people fix their computers or design their web sites? Are you the troubleshooter everyone turns to when their computer acts weird?

Support, troubleshoot and design technology. Business, government, schools, health care, and other organizations all need IT specialist.


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