About Us

In an increasingly mobile and cloud-driven interconnected digital world, the future sees myriads of different classes of intelligent devices, each with their own set of sensors and networking capability being applied in new unchartered fields like smart cities, smart electricity grids, transportation, retail, healthcare and agriculture. The Internet-of-Things (IoTs) and the smartness nature of such systems are envisaged to herald new economic opportunities and challenges in software development and networking technologies.

Our School of Computing and Creative Media was established in June 2014 to address the ever-changing computing demands of the new industrial landscape by offering a teaching-and-learning experience that can help equip today’s and tomorrow’s computer science professionals with sufficient depth and breadth of technical and management skills. We are currently offering two new undergraduate degree programmes:

Software Engineering draws upon the principles of mathematics and computer science with engineering best practices in order to develop systematic models and structured techniques for producing cutting-edge software with a high-level of reliability and testability.  Network computing programme offers studies of integrating software and hardware technologies with a special focus on understanding and manipulation of network operating systems, routing, security, web technologies, mobile and other advanced networks.

In both programmes, strong elements of team work, communication skills, work ethics,
entrepreneurial acumen, green-awareness and social responsibility will be provided to prepare graduates well for the professional world, whether as software engineers or network specialists working in big corporations, or as technopreneurs offering innovative ICT solutions for the emerging market of IoTs, for example.

Join us in learning, exploring and advancing new exciting frontiers of the interconnected digital world.

Bakri Madon PhD

Dean, School of Computing and Creative Media